Marc Shelton v. Nathan harper round 1


Preview - Muscle worship 2 -

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Denny gets to the gym room. As usual when he enters, he first gets in front of the mirror to pose and show off his muscles. But there is Adrian as well in the gym. It is his first time in front of the camera and he is a rookie in bodybuilding. Danny found someone again who will watch him exercise and who will even get his full attention when he flexes his perfect body. He is exercising at the tower and Adrian works with the dumbbells, when Denny realises, every of his moves gets watched closely by Adrian. He seems to be fascinated by Dennys muscles flexing and playing. Denny likes that and still he walks up to Adrian to ask what he wants. Adrian finally explains he loves Denny muscles, and that's it. That's it? Denny will find out if this is really it. He lets the rookie feel every of his perfect muscles and as usual, he gets what he wants.


Preview - No chance 13 - Florin and Marius

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Marius again sneaks into the gym room, despite the fact, he is not anymore allowed to be here. Florin picked him up recently when he was trying to steel Florins stuff, when he was going for a shower. But Florin was back in time. This time, nobody is here. Marius checks out on the Audio installation. But it turns out not to be his day. It is no one else than Florin entering the room for doing some exercising. It does not take him long to understand what is going on in here. He walks up to Marius, orders him to put things back. Marius is totally aware he has nothing to compete with Florin (No Chance 12), so tries to escape from another fight. But Florin has a different plan. He enjoyed to overpower this athletic boy and make him his toy in No Chance 12, and he will go for round two now and teach him a lesson. Longheld Headlocks are weakening Marius substantially. Even if he tries to escape, even counter attack Florin, he still has nothing to equal the muscle stud. Florin rules and makes Marius pay a decent price to sneak in here again to steel. Plenty of pins, foot domination and breath control are applied by Florin to dominate his new toy. First in Jeans and shirt but later stripped down to the undies Marius is humiliated and becomes Florins boytoy. Totally exhausted, he has no defence anymore, he just accepts what happens to him. And Florin enjoys the dominance. Being here to exercise, he places Marius on the couch, grabs his dumbbells and starts to work his biceps while seated on his new slave. Another chapter of No Chance, which shows perfectly what the series stands for. Enjoy the dominance of Florin when watching the video.


Skybo Media - Young Masters Feet - preview

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Alex is sitting in the gym room and still recovers from the fight with Florin, which he lost. He is kind of angry and frustrated. The door opens and Basti comes in. He sits next to Alex. Basically Alex does not need any party now, but Basti starts talking. He even makes his comments about Alex Nike Shox. “They look grea2 he means. Alex uses this opportunity to get rid of his frustration. He answers rather aggressive. “I gonna place them in your face and make u whorship them.” He knows from Florin, Basti is a good victim and can be enslaved. He will enjoy himself dominating Basti for the next half an hour. Despite the fact Basti is heavier, Alex has an athletic body and it does not take him long to have Basti on his back on the floor. And there he will be for a long while. Basti fights back, at least at the beginning, but he gets ruled by Alex. He forces Basti to takes the Nike Shox of and immediately he pushes his sox down on Bastis face, and he enjoys his new footslave. But there is more coming for Basti. Alex feet will get down on Bastis throath, chest, abs and as well the groin. Finally Basti got who the boss is, he continues to worship Alex Sox and feet while Alex is sitting on the sofa. The nasty headscissors Alex applies on and on are making sure, Basti does not forget who rules. And finally when Alex has enough of worshippig, he gives the boy the final domination.


Street Teens 9 - preview

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Florin meets Alex, they go to the gym room. Florin talks about his onesided fights with Basti. He dominates and humiliates him as he wishes, uses him as his personal slave. Basti wouldn’t stand any attack of Florin. To show what he is talking about, he grabs a dumbell and demonstrates his power. But Alex is not impressed too much, he picks a dumbell as well and starts to train his biceps. He listens carefully to Florins descriptions but somehow doubts all is true and Florin would be that tough. He pushes the limit a bit, provokes a fight with Florin. And we all know Florin, it does not last long and the two athletic fighters find themselves on the mat involved in a fight. Florin attacks more aggressive and picks Alex. Slowly Alex realised it was not his best idea to push the limits. He finds himself trapped in deadly headlocks, sleepers and is trapped in various submision holds and combos, until he submits. Florin enjoys dominating the boy. Alex is athletic and knows how to defend himself, but has no recipe to fight back against the muscleboy Florin. He gets humiliated with combos of legscissors and headlocks and chokes, and his defence weakens. Finally Florin pins his victim with great excitement. Alex is getting angry and tries to break free, but no way out. Sometimes he manages to get Florin in the defence, even pins him, but overall the roles are defined. The room heats up, shirts and sneakers are off. But nothing changes in the result. Florin gets Alex in many submission holds with no way out and forces a submission. Finally Alex gets totally humiliated and dominated, and Florin enjoys the show. Have a look at the video, you will like it.