No Chance 10 - preview

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Denny and Florin know each other and have been together on the mat and fighting each other. From intimate friendship because we can not speak. Still exists between the two, a certain tension, as though there were something else to clarify. The ratio between the two varies, as Denny and Florin meet in the disco. A Click of four types comes slowly to Florin and Denny. The views and silly remarks can already see that they are looking for trouble. As one of the click then approaching Florin and knocking back him, it gets down to business. Quick as lightning stuck Denny's neck of the type between his forearms and pulls him over. With two, three fast kicks in the side, Denny can slump in front of the type. At the same moment also come the other three stormed on Denny and Florin. Together against the four attackers told Denny and Florin neat, and In less than one minute, the types KO strewn around the floor. With so much action and Denny Florin had not expected. Now they seem to be best friends and always speak about her experience. For the next day, the two arrange to meet for training. But instead of train, get out the fight scenes from the day before by again and again. Instead of exercising the two would rather fight each other. Only the two begin to slowly and kidding around, but then it becomes more and more serious and the need to find out who is the better of the two, breaking through again.


Street Teens 8 - preview

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Filip and Sebastian do some work out in the gym room. Both guys check each other out discretely. Finally Filip speaks up and the muscle boys check each other out. Pretty obvious how such a muscle worshipping ends up – in a fight. Both equipped with a defined body and tight muscles, this looks like an even fight. Sebastian wants to teach the blondie hisBoth get the top position and pin the other boy, often applying some breath control to weaken the opponent. Filip gets Sebastian in a nice pin but shortly after that he is trapped in Sebastians headlocks. The room heats up as the emotions do. Their jeans get ripped off and put aside, the fight continues in their undies. Awesome pins sitting very high up on the others chest, leg scissors in combo with locking up the loser’s leg and some nice chokes are shown by the two fighters, you will love it. Who will win? We won’t tell you here who places his foot on the loser’s chest after a 56 minutes fight. Check it out yourself. Both are capable to win this bout, both give it all who win the boudt=but will? Enjoy watching the action.


Street Teens 7 - Preview

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Vali is mad about Christian, he pokes him and is bullying him. Christian does not like it at all, but he remains calm and does not push back. But Vali consistently attacks the muscle boy until he finally created a strong reaction. Christian fights back, and it does not last very long and Vali finds himself underneath, pinned by Christian who sits on the chest. But Vali has not understood. Once free he immediately attacks Christian again. Christian decides to teach the boy a lesson. He gets at Vali, overpowers him many ways, dominates him with sleeper holds, leg scissors, head scissors and lots of pin variations. He controls Valis breathing by pushing Valis face into his upper body. Vali weakens systematically. It got hot in the room and both fighters get rid of their shirts first, and finally strip down to their underware. Vali gives it all, takes all his power to counter attack. And he is successful, his pins and holds are showing impact. Christian taps out a few times. Vali applies Foot Domination, arm locks and plenty of breath control to weaken Christian. The fight is equal now, both give it all to have it under control. Who will apply the ultimate submission hold? Have a look yourself, you will see a hot action-fight till the last minute with two real hot athletic youngsters who do all it needs to stay on top.