Street Teens 13 - preview

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All the three boys are together in the gym room. But for a change it is not about lifting weights but more about bragging. In particular Alexej and Dennis are continuously provoke each other. Florin asks them to show it on the mat, act not talk only. They attack each other but not really in a smart way. Florin makes a few jokes about their fight style, means he would dominate both at the same time. Alexej and Dennis feel challenged. Their pride asks them to go after Florin now. And the real fight is up. Florin manages to have them both on the couch trapped in a headlock. Then the action continues on the mat. You see a hot action of three athletic bodies giving all they have.... Skybo Shop


Street Teens 12 - preview

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Nick has just arrived in the gym room, nobody is there. He sits down on the sofa, seeing the sportsbag which someone has put there. He gets rid of his shoes, sox and the sweater and gets comfy, feet on the small table. He wonders what is in the bag, and he starts picking things out of the bag, sporting gloves, shorts. But then Dennis is entering the room. He gets at Nick, orders him to get his feet off the table. But Nick doesn’t like to get pushed like that. It does need a lot more and the fight is up on the mats. It starts as a hard and pretty even fight. Dennis is bulkier, while tattooed Nick is strong as well and has a great defense. But Dennis experience and his nasty holds, pins and scissors are weakening Nick. He counter attacks with Headlocks and bodyscissors from underneath, but it looks like Dennis has all under control. With a very nasty figure 4 headlock he is torturing the muscleboy, but Nick gets free again and applies a sleeper. Both fight with strong ambition to win and dominate the other, a real street fight. Nick gets trapped in further Headscissors and has to give in a few times. But he immediately attacks the bully once being free, it should not end up this way. And still Dennis remains in control and he likes it more and more to torture this body despite Nicks strong defense.....

Mohit Ghitorni in Blue looses


After Soccer Training - preview

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Florin returns from the soccer training, totally soaked from sweat, and basically has no other plans than getting a massage and taking a shower. When he enters the gym room, Felix is there, has already prepared the massage bed. Florin lays down and let Felix do his job. Felis first take Florins shoes off and he can not hold back and sniffs on both shoes. Then he takes off shirt, shorts and socks to finally have Florin in his underware. He massages the upper body now, in particular Florins biceps. The way he does it is not really professional massage, but more touching and feeling Florins muscles. And obviously Florin intervenes. If Felix wants to feel Florins muscles, this requires a fight....


Street Teens 11 - preview

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Denny today is highly motivated, posing in the gym room in front of the mirror as we have seen so often already. He is expecting guests. Dennis and Alexeyj should be here in a minute. Alexej has announced to beat up Denny together with his small but strong friend Dennis. But Dennis is not so convinced, too good he knows about the power of Denny. They enter the gym room still doing their jokes about Denny. Too late they realise he is in the room already. An of course the fight is up immediately. Denny takes advantage of the surprise and he beats the two down on the sofabed, one gets pinned, the other in a deadly headlock. He lets go after a bit to get rid of his sweater and shoes. Both fighter attack him on the mat at the same time. And they do well, Denny has to give it all. But he keeps control of the action, even against two fighters. With his scissors and headlocks he ongoingly weakens the two simoultaneously. Dennis gets angry, and attacks the bully with all he has, just to end up in another submission hold. They have to give in again a few times. Another round goes to the muscle teenie. Weaker from the previous action but full of desire to pay back the attack Denny on and on. Dennis in the meantime lost his shirt as well. Denny is focussing on Alexejs action, and if the smaller Dennis gets at him, he just throws him down. Finally he is using Alexejy shirt to choke both fighters and keeps control with one hand, dominating the action with his feet. Denny play games with the two exhausting opponents, even lays down on the floor to let them have the upper hand for once. Immediately he finds himself headlocked by Dennis and pinned by Alexej, but he is able to fight himself free in a short time period and make the others submit again. Nasty figure 4 headlock are weakening the two substantially. In this production, you can enjoy technical skills in a perfect combination with power, Simply domination at its best.