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Village Teens 2015 - 4 (Preview)

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Raoul and Bogdan are giving their debut with Village Teen fights. Bogdan is tall, almost one head taller than Raoul and you can see quickly, he has endurance, strength and a real dedication to win. Raoul comes across as being more relaxed, does not appear to be dangerous. But this is misleading, his holds, in particular his headlocks, be them executed with his legs or his arms, they are deadly and will make tap out almost any opponent. The fight started as they push each other around a bit, Raoul making jokes about Bogdan. He gets angry and will show the little fighter the consequence of being cocky. The fight is up, and both opponents show what they have in mind. Their holds are meant to weaken the opponent systematically. Raoul forces the tall athlete on and on to tap out with his creative and effective holds. But Bogdan knows how to pay back, he makes Raoul tapping out as well many times. With acrobatic moves, brutal headlocks and effective ways to apply locks with their legs, we get to see new ways to make the opponent submit and to dominate. But both fighters have a high level of endurance and do not tap out so quickly, even if an escape is not likely. No giving in at any price. Raoul rips off Bogdans shirt and makes him angry. Raouls shirt has to go too and now we see why he was coming in so cool and self confident. He has a real fighter body, ripped and defined, muscled and he knows exactly how efficiently demonstrate his power. He humiliates Bogdan on and on when having him in a hold and continues to makes his jokea about him. And Bogdan reacts immediately, he fights back whatever it takes and gets his submissions as well. But Raoul is strong, he even tries to rip off Bogdans shorts during the fight. Bogdans body look great while being in holds and his pants should go, he manages to get out on and on and get another submission from Raoul, him focussing too much on the pants. But will he still manage to rip off Bogdans shorts? Come in and find it out. Skybo Shop

Village Teens 2015 - 3 (Preview)

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The third battle of Village Teens 2015 is a thrill on its own. We meet Istvan, a tall and powerful lad from the village. To stand a fight with him, you need guts, power and you better be smart. Darian is exactly the right guy to challenge Istvan, on top of the before mentioned skills, the smaller fighter has a body of steel and knows to squirm out of almost any holds. It is no surprise the fight takes off providing top action rarely seen in such a bout. Both fighter are determined to win. They are athletic and know how to take profit from small mistakes of the opponent to get him underneath. They throw each other around on the mats, use headlocks, pile drivers, pins and holds we usually only see in college wrestling fights. Istvan would squash any smaller fighter, but Darian is quick and very focussed to attack and has an agility which makes it hard for his opponent to keep him locked. Once in a lock of Istvan, there is no escape. The sun, the heat and the action makes sure, both rip off the shirts fairly swiftly, and we can see their muscles at work. Is this bout already showing us who will be champion 2015? One thing gets clear when watching this fight. Whoever claims for being a champion and fights one of the two, will be challenged and forced to really give it all. Have a go, watch the action and find out who clears the last submission of this fight. You will be excited to very last second of the video. Skybo Shop


Village Teens 2015 - 2 (Preview)

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Marcos and Arian are good bodies from the village. They mostly are in agreement and are hanging out together. But today, there is a different dynamics. Arian, taller than Marcos and equipped with a hard sixpack, picks Marcos at his T-Shirt and lifts him to make sure his view is going to be the right one. But we remember Marcos from season one of Village teens, he is never shying away from any confrontation and goes after Arians tank top. They decide to move to the mats outside to find out who is right. And they both go for it immediately, both determined to win. Arian, taller and better reach, muscled and defined body, Marcos with better technical skills and more experience in wrestling. But will this be enough to win? We remember his deadly sleeperholds and headlocks. He manages in almost every position to trap his opponent into a nasty hold, and once in, there is hardly any escape. And he does it as well today, he manages to get his strong opponent into many breathtaking sleepers and locks. Arians power slowly fades, too many times he has fight for fresh air. But down to the last minute of this fight, he as well manages to get the wild boy into his pins, armlocks and other creative ways to make him tap. Who will have the final submission on his opponent? Get the video and find out. The fight is full of action to its final second. Skybo Shop


Village Teens 2015 - 1 (Preview)

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Village Teens stands for great action, thrill, athletic even muscular boys, and real fights. After the major success of Season 1, the new season is bringing top action and simply acts as a continuation of great entertainment.. We all remember Maxi, the bully from season one. He meets a newcomer today, Marian. This young fighter with a real hot body and his technical skills are a challenge for Maxi, but will Marian succeed against this experienced bully? The fight is up and both opponents are checking each other out. Both applying their holds effective and force the opponent into the defense. It looks like an even fight. Marian is a strong opponent. Maxi sometimes has a tendency to be complacent and take things too easy, and he pays for it by being forced to tap. But this is intensifying his actions. More focussed, he systematically weakens the rookie, Marians effectiveness is fading a bit. And Maxi goes for it now. Every action and hold of Marian on Maxi, Maxi is paying back twice as intense. Finally he gets the young fighter where he wanted to see him – underneath and exposed in his nasty holds. This first fight of Village Teens 2015 presents action from the first to the last second. Two muscular boys, skilled and determined are standing up to the promise to provide a great continuation of a top fighting series. Skybo Shop