Billy Rumack Basement


Beach Wrestling


Preview - Street Teens 17

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Denny, Felix and Dennis are crossing each others way in the gym room. Dennis is looking up to Denny as dominator and wants to get there too. He wants to prove Denny his capabilities to humiliate victims. Denny and him are talking in their mother tongue. Felix does not get anything. But somehow he knows what might come, in fact the same what happens often when Denny is around. He is prepared to get attacked by Denny. To avoid this, he starts exercising with dumbbells in front of the mirror. In the mirror he can see how Dennis is going after his phone and his watch. He intervenes, walks up to Dennis, grabs his things back and walks away. Denny doesn’t like how Felix is speaking up to other boys. He gets him right away. But instead of another domination action by Denny, Felix finds himself thrown down to the sofa. Then Denny just gives a sign with his hands and Dennis is getting up. Dennis is less muscular and not as powerfull as Denny. Felix smirks at him when he approaches him. Big mistake buddy, Dennis gets angry. Despite the fact he is not as bulky as Denny, his aggressivity and his dedication is equal to Denny. Very quickly Felix gets his lesson. Dennis applies nasty headlocks, creative submission holds and dominating pins. Denny enjoys to watch how Felix gets teached how to behave. Despite the fact, Felix is heavier than Dennis, he has nothing to match with Dennis dedication and has to endure a lot. He enjoys big time to control the whimp. Systematically he weakens Felix, most effective hold is the figure 4 headlock. Finally the room has heatened up and they remove their sox. Frustrated about what happens to him, Felix throws his sox towards Dennis and is hitting his face. Now we see an angry Dennis, going after Felix full steam. The power house is humiliating his victim by stuffing his sox into Felix mouth, tramples him and does a lot of foot domination to crush the whimp totally. Enjoy this video of perfect domination, Dennis proves to have been teached perfectly by Denny how to make victims behave. Skybo Shop